Feds Face Quandary on Pot Laws

Federal investigators hbtv hemp beach tv 523434When it comes to marijuana, the country has gone from “just say no” to medical marijuana being legal in 18 states and Washington, D.C, and now two states ending the prohibition on recreational use. That leaves federal lawmakers struggling with how to approach the sticky subject.

Colorado and Washington have both legalized it for recreational use, and are examing how ro regulate state-wide pot growing and distribution industries, despite federal prohibition.

As supporters push for more states to join the legalization movement, opponents voice concerns about whether making marijuana legal would mean more teens and even children smoking pot.

“Think about it: Do you want a nation where your young people are stoned?” Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the national Institute on Drug Abuse, told The Associated Press.

Yet 52 percent of adults favor legalizing marijuana, up 11 percentage points just since 2010, according to the Pew Research Center. Sixty percent think Washington shouldn’t enforce federal laws against marijuana in states that have approved its use.

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