Final Fantasy Type-0 Reenters the Spotlight

Square Enix kept Final Fantasy Type-0 in the wings as it readied Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy for release. Now that the fighter is out, the next super massive PSP release from the company is the Fabula Nova Crystallis sister project. Following a brief information rush in January, the game has at long last reentered the spotlight, and will hopefully stay there this time.

When we last wrote about Type-0, it had just seen its name switched from Final Fantasy Agito XIII. It’s still in the same overall series as Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII, but the name no longer has a XIII in the title.

Type-0 is set in a world of four countries, Milites, Rubrum, Anaze and Kogai. When Milites invades Rubrum, all four countries fall to war.

You play as students in a Peristerium, or magic school, in Rebrum. Each country has one of these Preisteriums, designed to protect their crystal. As members of Class Zero, you rise up against the Milites invaders.

The game has fourteen principal characters. These are split into a group of twelve Class Zero students, who are referred to as “main characters,” and a couple of special characters named Rem and Machina. Rem and Machina’s roles are a bit of a mystery now, but they are major characters in the story and will also fight alongside the twelve students during battle.

All twelve (or fourteen) characters head off on missions together. However, you only select three to be in your battle party. During combat, you can switch off between the three characters.

As detailed in the Japanese games press this week, the characters all have unique abilities. Biweekly gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation introduces three characters Ace, Nine and Queen. Ace uses cards which can achieve different effects, from attacks to healing and status change spells. Nine uses a long lance, which can be used for wide combo attacks and a jumping slash attack. Queen uses a sword which is good for close range attacks and can also be used to perform Cross, a light spell that damages enemies and heals allies.

If one of your three party members dies during battle, other members will come in to continue the fight. This works into the game’s unique multiplayer system. In Type-0’s multiplayer system, you don’t play with others for extended periods. Instead, other players come in to your play session in the form of the characters who replace fallen allies. After three minutes, the other player leaves the game.

There’s still plenty of mystery behind Type-0’s multiplayer component and battle system as a whole, but we’re happy to see Square Enix starting to speak about the game. We can hopefully expect a steady flow of information straight through the summer Japanese release.

via: IGN

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