Fired Employee Says Bungie’s Next Project Is An MMO

Yesterday, Kotaku published some quotes by an anonymous source who claimed to have been recently let go from Bungie. The source claimed that 30 employees were fired from Bungie for was was said to be “performance related” reason. However, the source also said that an inter-office email revealed that the real reason for the firing were Activision’s concerns over “project sensitivity” and budgetary matters. All the employees let go were contractors, not full-time Bungie staffers.

The source also said that Bungie’s next project is named Destiny, but currently being worked on under the codename “Tiger.” It is said to mix the FPS and MMO genres in an online, sci-fi shooter.

Later in the day, Bungie released a statement denying the reports, and linking to job posting that indicate that the company is actually hiring new positions, not conducting layoffs. The statement did not mention the rumored FPS/MMO project.

via: GameInformer

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