Five Hemp Essentials

Natures Path Sunny Hemp Granola Parks hbtv hemp beach tvHemp is the misunderstood sister of marijuana. While both plants are scientifically classified as Cannabis, hemp does not produce psychoactive flowers, or buds, which you can smoke. Hemp has been used throughout history for a variety of utilities; fibers, foods and soaps or other hygiene/beauty products.

Here are five of our favorite hemp products for everyday use. They are all sustainably produced and natural.

Nature’s Path Organic Sunny Hemp Granola Bars. Hemp is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, and is high in protein. It is also extremely easy digest. These hemp granola bars are great to keep in your car or your purse for when you need to eat on the go. They are safe for vegans, vegetarians and most gluten-free eaters (people with Celiac’s should proceed with caution, they are not certified gluten-free although there are no ingredients that contain gluten.)

They are all natural and organic, and they only contain ingredients you can pronounce. They also taste really good, they pack just enough sweetness to satisfy a craving but aren’t saccharine-sweet like other granola bars.

They are also incredibly affordable, six packs of six retail for just $25, pay it forward and keep a box or two in your car to hand to homeless and hungry people around town.

Hemp Organics Lipstick and Tinted Lip Balm. Who said natural beauty can’t be chic and edgy? Hemp Organics tinted lip balms and lipsticks come in a range of gorgeous, unique and earth-inspired shades that nourish and last on the lips better than any other commercial lip color.

The colors really pop, and they easily survive tea sipping, wine drinking, eating or smoking.

Hemp Organics is a division of Colorganics, whose motto is “consciously connecting the world and beauty.” We really dig that everything is produced ethically in San Francisco and made with ingredients we can not only pronounce, but we already know are safe.

Favorite shades? Lipstick: Sienna and Sepia. Tinted Lip Balm: Earth

Hemp Chico Bags. Many municipalities are passing laws banning single-use plastic bags, but besides removing all that waste from landfills, these bags are just practical to have on you.

Chico Bags collapse into themselves and store conveniently in any purse and clip to keys. Chico designed this line of hemp bags to easily reuse while grocery shopping. They are particularly great at a farmer’s market. You can throw them in the wash if you soil them in any way.

They are incredible sturdy as well– you can pack basically as much as you can physically carry in them, but the hemp fabric allows fresh fruits and veggies to breath in the same way a paper bag would.

Chico Bags has a larger mission of helping completely eliminate all the single-use bag waste one bag at a time. They are in the process of becoming a Green America Certified Business.

Tempt Living Harvest Hemp Protein Powder. Living Harvest makes a whole line of hemp-derived dairy alternatives, including milks (original, unsweetened original, chocolate, vanilla), ice creams and protein powder.

The protein powder is a great addition to a morning smoothie, or even as a stir in to plain oatmeal (or chia!).

Up to 60% of adults have trouble digesting lactose and have sought dairy-milk alternatives– and there are a lot of them; almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, oatmilk… you name it.

Unlike the other non-dairy milks it doesn’t have a funky aftertaste and you don’t have to worry about consuming too much estrogen, like you would if you are using soy as a replacement for everything.

Why not use a dairy alternative that is high in protein, contains vitamin E (which makes it a great digestive aid) and comes from a company dedicated to bringing hemp back to the mainstream?

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Castile Soaps

How can you make a list about hemp essentials without Dr. Bronner’s? You can use these great soaps for anything which makes them truly essential.

“If you still haven’t heard of this soap, around since 1948, it’s time to tune in. These Castile soaps are made from hemp, extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and essential oils, are not only organic and vegan friendly, but also fair-trade.

In addition, you can be assured the ingredients are kept simple and pure, meaning you don’t have to worry about any chemicals in your soap. A wide variety of essential oil scents are available—peppermint leaves a fresh gentle tingle, while the lavender soothes and the citrus invigorates. With other options such as eucalyptus, almond, rose, baby mild and tea tree, there are as many options of scent as there are of cleaning.”

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