Florida gaining support to legalize medical marijuana

florida marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvThe push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is gaining support. That’s why city leaders are taking a proactive approach and discussing how it may affect the future of Cocoa Beach. Right now, the use of medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, and if a constitutional amendment gets passed in 2014, Florida could be the next state to see medical marijuana clinics and pharmacies.

That got Cocoa Beach City Commissioner Skip Williams asking the question, “Should the city of Cocoa Beach care where these dispensaries are located?” “I just don’t want to look in hindsight and know we could’ve looked at this ahead of time and planned it into the future of Cocoa Beach,” said Williams.

Williams said Cocoa Beach wants to hold their image of a family friendly environment, and if medical marijuana does become legal, he doesn’t think the tourist areas are the right fit for the clinics.

Williams said, “I think that anybody who has a prescription for medical marijuana is going to know where it is, no matter where it is in the city of Cocoa Beach. It wouldn’t have to be on a main drag for people to go, ‘oh yeah, there’s the clinic,’ because the word will get around of where they’re at.”

Christina Artz is the owner of Coconuts on the Beach, which is right in the heart of Cocoa Beach’s tourist area. She said she likes that city officials are being proactive and trying to control the issue.

“Find out a good location where kids aren’t coming back and forth and riding their bikes. It is a possibility, but does it affect my business directly? Probably not,” said Artz.

City council will meet on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. to discuss this issue.

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