Florida student fights to publish medical marijuana story

Abbey Lane lakeland flroida marijuanaThe issue over medical marijuana has been well-represented in mainstream media, but a high school student has met resistance in her efforts to publish an article on the subject. Abbey Lane said her teacher shot down a “neutral, non-biased” story about medical marijuana that she pitched for publication in the Lakeland High School Bagpipe. “She basically acted as if it was just preposterous that I would try to include a drug-related article in a high school magazine,” Abbey said.

The 18-year-old senior also pleaded her case to the principal of the school, but had no luck. “They were both as vague as possible without really giving an answer,” she said.

Wes Bridges, attorney for the Polk Co. School Board, counters Abbey’s assertion that a teacher turned down the idea and said the school’s student editorial committee rejected the medical marijuana story pitch. He also says that the newspaper was restructured about a year ago to be used only as a marketing tool and for community announcements.

But Abbey points to a general news article she wrote that was published back in March. Abbey said she is passionate about the subject because she was a cancer patient as a toddler. She thinks the drugs could benefit other young patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

With only a few more weeks left of school, Abbey vows to keep fighting to get her article in the school paper so students can be informed. “If I can get this published by the end of the year, I will be satisfied. But I haven’t yet, so I’m going to keep trying,” she said.

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