Florida voice for Medical Marijuana in 2014

legalize medical marijuana in florida hbtv hemp beach tvMedical marijuana, a controversial topic that could be on the ballot come next elections cycle, if one Florida-bases super attorney has his way. We asked you what you think about medical marijuana being legalized and it has many of you sounding off. He’s a familiar voice on the radio, and you’ve seen him on TV too. John Morgan, of Morgan and Morgan is now behind the petition to get the question of medical marijuana on the ballot. “Medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones the relief they need,” said Morgan in a radio advertisement.

Support from the Morgan and Morgan legal powerhouse is getting many of you fired up about the possibility of pot being legal. One woman called in to Fox 4, keeping it short and sweet. “Reefer – yes, marijuana should be legalized,” she said. Others focused on the potential medicinal benefits.

Jan called in saying, “It truly has made a difference in my pain management.”
Stephanie added, “I will sign any petitions for it. I am disabled and I am all for the go on medical marijuana.” Petition signing is just what the Morgan and Morgan camp needs, if enough signatures are validated by the end of the week the petition could make it all the way up to the Florida Supreme Court for a review of its language – the next step in the road to legalization.

While the legal process takes it course, Emmanuel from Lehigh says even if the law remains hazy, he’s going get his fix – legalized or not. “If you don’t legalize we are gonna get it anyway. So for those of us that have medical problems, help us out,” said Emmanuel. On the other hand, some of you think the entire thing just might go up in smoke. “I’m just a little wary,” said Collin in Naples.

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