Former Florida Gator Janoris Jenkins pleads no contest to marijuana charge, fined $421 *VIDEO*‎

Gainesville State Attorney Bill Cervone said Wednesday that former Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins pled no contest to possession of under 20 grams of cannibis, a misdemeanor. Janoris Jenkins decided to return for his senior season after considering the NFL draft in January. “Whether Mr. Jenkins wants to learn a lesson from the last few months or not is up to him,” Cervone told Florida Today. “If he can’t figure out that smoking pot is illegal maybe he can at least learn to be more circumspect about it.”

Jenkins was ordered to pay fines totally $421 with no probation or community service. Cervone said the punishment was the norm for such a charge. Jenkins’ issues probably cost him millions of potential NFL dollars. Jenkins was arrested in late April after initially saying he planned to stay at Florida for his senior season. It was his second issue with marijuana since Will Muschamp was hired as the new Florida coach and the Pahokee native left the team rather than return for the 2011 season.

This is not a criminal, but just a great representation of how you can still be great! And also how marijuana is harmless. Why are we punishing our student athlete’s?

Since he was recovering from a shoulder injury and the departure was too late for the NFL draft, Jenkins would have to go in a special draft later this summer to be able to play in 2011 in pro football. He was forecast as a first-round draft pick by some experts prior announcing he was staying in school.

He missed spring football practice because of his shoulder surgery. The injury was a major reason he elected to return this fall rather than test the pro football draft.Now his options are reduced to entering the NFL’s supplemental draft later this summer or transferring to a lower-division school.

If Urban Meyer was still coach do you think he would have given him another chance?

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Former Florida Gator Janoris Jenkins pleads no contest to marijuana charge, fined $421 *VIDEO*‎, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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