Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich Supports Marijuana

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich took a break from his busy life of commenting on TV and the radio to comment on Reddit this weekend. The Berkley economics professor posted an “AMA” thread this weekend, leading to an unsurprisingly high number of cannabis-related questions. For those of you not familiar with Reddit, “AMA” threads are where someone with an interesting job or life experience let other users ask them any questions they like. Usually, it’s someone like a pawn shop owner or an extremely fat person, but apparently it can sometimes be an influential political commentator.

As happens whenever a political debate is exposed to the internet for too long, the discussion eventually turned to pot. Reich commented that, if he could repeal one U.S. regulation, it would be to legalize marijuana. He also mentions that, while at Oxford with fellow grad student Bill Clinton, they “didn’t inhale together.” This isn’t that surprising, considering Reich has supported legalization before, but it’s pretty funny to imagine him and Slick Willy lighting up together.

I’d really recommend you go to the thread on Reddit and read the rest – it’s a remarkably intelligent discussion and shows why online forums can be such great places for intellectual discussion. Maybe we can even entice Mr. Reich to do something similar at – we have users that like pot too!

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