Former Philly Narc Admits to Attempting to Rob Marijuana Dealer

marijuana bust hbtv hemp beach tvA former Philadelphia narcotics detective pleaded guilty to charges involving a plan to rob a suspected marijuana dealer and said he is cooperating with prosecutors. Jeffrey Walker, who served as a Philadelphia police officer for 24 years, admitted attempted robbery and using a gun in a crime, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Walker admitted planning to plant evidence in a dealer’s car and to breaking into his house to steal money and 5 pounds of marijuana. He is to be sentenced in May and faces a lengthy term in federal prison.

Walker’s lawyer, Thomas Fitzpatrick, said other officers in the narcotics squad have done much worse. “These are dangerous people who have committed significant criminal activity for some time,” the lawyer said.

Last month, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said he had taken at least eight police officers off the streets. They include four described as targets of the ongoing federal investigation and four who had worked with Walker, including his former partner.

Fitzpatrick said Walker has provided federal investigators with significant information against other officers — “too many to count.” Last November, a federal judge dismissed 53 drug convictions that were based on the testimony of former Officer Walker.

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