Giant marijuana farm discovered on Chicago’s South Side

Chicago cops busted up one of the largest pot growing operations in the city’s history, a two football field-sized plot housing some plants “as big as Christmas trees,” authorities said. A police chopper discovered the sprawling field nestled in some wetlands on the city’s South Side on Tuesday, authorities said. There were more than 1,000 plants, which cops said carried a street value of between $7 and $10 million. “The plants are pretty big. They’re as big as Christmas trees,” Chicago police Lt. Michael Ryle told local television station WGN. “Some of the plants are as tall as 10 feet.” Cops also discovered a shoddy campsite near the field, which they suspected was used by the drug gang’s guard. Cook County Sheriff’s Department Officer Edward Graney, the chopper’s co-pilot, said the pot farm was well hidden and only visible from the air. “We had the right altitude, the right angle, the right sunlight, and I just happened to be glancing down, saw the hole in the tree line, saw what appeared to be maybe five plants,” Officer Graney told local ABC News. On Wednesday, sanitation crews and other city workers were cutting down the ganja plants and transfered them to facility where they would be burned, cops said.

via : NYDailyNews

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