Gods Eater Burst: Be a Living Weapon

Welcome to Fenrir. This organization is humanity’s last hope, as our kind was wiped out by horrifying monsters known as the Aragami. With decimated cities and deserted roads as your backdrop, you take a living sword into battle and crush the terrors that now walk the Earth.

This is the setting of Gods Eater Burst It’s similar to titles like Monster Hunter because it offers ample dungeon-crawling and multiplayer support, but the post-apocalyptic setting and stylized character designs give it an edge.
At the start of the game, you’ll create a character that you’ll use for all your questing needs. This character can be male or female, and all the customization options you’d expect from an anime-style game are present. Once your character is tailored to your tastes, you’ll view a cutscene that introduces you to a handful of the Fenrir agents, followed by a scene in which your character receives his or her “God Arc.”

In this world, the only thing that can defeat an Aragami is another Aragami. Knowing this, Fenrir developed God Arcs to fight back. Biological weapons crafted from the cells of Aragami and fused with the user, God Arcs can transform during battle and can even devour fallen enemies to assume their abilities.

Another characteristic that makes Gods Eater Burst different from other games of its type is how important story-telling is to the experience. The supporting cast is fully voiced and there’s a detailed plot that unravels during missions. Expect a character-driven tale that involves the aforementioned monsters, cool heroes, and a healthy dusting of conspiracy.

The Fenrir headquarters acts as your central hub. From here you can converse with the staff, synthesize new equipment, and customize your weapons. Once a mission is selected and a party has been formed, you’ll head out onto the field. You can tackle missions with any combination of fellow players or computer-controlled characters — you just can’t have more than four heroes in battle at a time. In battle, your God Arc makes things interesting. It can freely morph from a melee weapon into a projectile weapon, and each form can be modified at Fenrir HQ.

The best kind of outfit to fight monsters in...
The best kind of outfit to fight monsters in…

There’s an impressive amount of weapon customization in the game due to Gods Eater Burst’s bullet system. When in projectile mode, your God Arc is obviously shootin’ things. Those bullets can be tweaked to boast different elemental effects and explosive qualities. The curvature, height and speed of the bullet can also be adjusted, which means you can make your very own gun that fits any situation

With all this firepower on your side, you’ll want to use it on something, right? The Aragami make formidable opponents and range from twisted, spinning husks of flesh to large dragon-type creatures that need a team of four to take down efficiently. During these confrontations, you’ll be dashing around the field to avoid enemy attacks, slashing away with your God Arc and then falling back at opportune moments to unleash those custom bullets into the waiting hides of the enemy. If you knock an Aragami onto its murderous rear-end, you can execute a devour attack which causes your God Arc to grow a mighty set of teeth to bite a chuck out of the opposition. This gives your character a temporary boost and can also reward you with materials for item synthesis. Keen.

Gods Eater Burst launches this March on the PSP.

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