Gov. Christie Said He’s Not Trying To Sabotage Medical Marijuana Program

med-mar 3545634Gov. Chris Christie is denying that he’s trying to sabotage New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

It’s been more than three years since medical marijuana was legalized in New Jersey and only one dispensary has opened in the entire state while other clinics have been mired in bureaucratic red tape.

It’s a move that Christie calls intentional. “I do not want people flying to New Jersey, getting off a plane, going to some fake doctor, saying they have a headache and going and picking up pot which is what goes on in Denver, Col. every day,” Christie. “It ain’t happening here.”

Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, the state’s first and only dispensary, said it takes two months for patients to get an appointment and the center is struggling to meet the demand.

However, Christie pointed out only 562 patients have registered for the program statewide.

“This is no crisis,” Christie said. The governor said he wants the program to be implemented and is trying to make sure the medical marijuana programs are implemented for the truly sick and suffering.

“Believe me if I wanted to sabotage the plan I know how to sabotage things,” Christie said. “When I want to sabotage something I just pull all the funding from it.”

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