Gran Turismo 5 Tops the Charts in Japan

Gran Turismo 5 is off to a big start in Polyphony’s home territory, and PlayStation 3 is seeing a sales surge as a result.

Media Create reports 430,707 units in first week sales for GT5, which was released to Japan on November 25. This is lower than the 635,000 first week sales of GT4, but the PS3 does have about 1/3 the userbase.

GT5 came out in a week full of new releases. Also debuting in Media Create’s top 20 were Super Robot Taisen L, Mario Sports Mix, Spike’s “high speed detective action” game Dangan-ronpa, and big headed baseball game Power Pro Kun Pocket 13.

Thanks to GT5’s release, PlayStation 3 saw a big hardware surge, more than doubling in unit sales from the week prior. In Japan, GT5 was offered as part of a bundle with a blue colored PS3 unit.

PSP still grabbed the top of the charts, though. Although down slightly from the week prior, which saw the release of new colors, the system edged out the PS3 by 7,000 units. The gap should grow even bigger in next week’s charts, which will reflect the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 3.

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