Grand Theft Auto 5: Domain Names May Give Clues

A poster at a Grand Theft Auto forum recently made an interesting discovery: He looked at the IP address of the registrant of and checked out what other domain names are linked to that IP. The idea is that Rockstar may have registered these domains in connection with GTA 5.

Some of the names ( suggest a California setting, while others (“” “”) seem to indicate a South Eastern setting for the game.

There is also the very real possibility that the domain names have nothing at all to do with GTA 5 — most of them seem so generic (,, etc.) that it could be anything… but since we’re on the subject of GTA 5, I think there’s a very good chance that we’ll get an announcement at E3 this year in June.

The evidence:

  • Casting notices that point to the game. We’re not sure if these are actually casting notices for Grand Theft Auto 5, but they sure seem like it.
  • Timing: It’s time for a new GTA game — there has been enough development time from GTA 4 to now to have something to annouce.
  • I Really Want It: Sometimes, if you wish hard enough, your wish comes true! Maybe that will happen with GTA 5.

In any case, we’ll be covering E3 in depth at the beginning of June, so I suggest you join us to (maybe) hear about GTA 5 during the shoa.

Source: Eurogamer

via: G4

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