Grandma Says She Was Duped By Stranger’s Marijuana Seeds

A Fayette County grandmother said she’s no marijuana grower, just a woman who wanted something that would look pretty next to her tomatoes. A jury cleared Alberta Kelley, 67, of drug possession and manufacture charges on Wednesday after she told them she simply tossed a handful of seeds into her garden after a bearded stranger gave them to her.

Connellsville police charged Kelley a year ago after receiving a tip about Kelley’s garden. Investigators said they found seven well-cultivated, four-foot marijuana plants behind her home. But Kelley claimed she didn’t know what she was growing. She said she’d been given the seeds by a stranger in a pointy hat who told her they were flower seeds.

via : WPXI

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Grandma Says She Was Duped By Stranger's Marijuana Seeds, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. WEEDTEEN1 says:

    OOOOHH sounds like bullshit to me, I’ve tried guerrilla growing and unless you germinate the seeds then plant them individually nothing will really happen or at least sowing would be massively uneconomical…

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