Greeley Colorado barber shop refusing service to people who Reek of Marijuana

Hugo Barber Shop marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvThe sign posted on the door of Hugo’s Barber Shop is guaranteed to lose some business. It reads, “Please do not come in if you smell like marijuana, there are families with kids who don’t want to smell it. This is a business not your house, thank you.” Hugo Corral, the owner, says there’s a simple reason behind his new rule.

“It’s plain and simple disrespect. People not having respect to the children and families that are in here. Just because it’s legal does not mean you can come in here smelling like marijuana and not caring.” Corral says about half his customers have been showing up smelling like pot which is what prompted him to post the sign a few weeks ago. The business owner says customers have even questioned if people are smoking marijuana in his shop.

Corral made the decision to post the sign several weeks ago. It has already received a lot of positive and negative feedback. “Very controversial,” Corral explained, “People have been bashing me on social media, making phone calls to my business.” Many have accused Corral of discrimination. 9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson weighed in on the issue.

“Business owners absolutely have the right to refuse service to someone who has been smoking pot, is drunk, or for any other reason as long as it’s not an unlawful or unconstitutional reason such as race, religion or gender,” Robinson explained.

Corral says he’s reasonable about the request and says as long as customers are willing to try and mask the smell, he won’t refuse service. In the 3 weeks his sign has been up, Corral has not seen a negative impact on business. He is getting ready to move to a larger location on 11th Avenue and 25th Street in Greeley.

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