Group petitions to vote on legalization of marijuana

Puff, puff, pass” is a common phrase around marijuana and cannabis supporters and smokers. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, it refers to taking two “puffs” of the drug and then passing it on to another smoker. If one group has their way, the third word, pass, may have a different meaning come the November 2012 elections. Instead of referring to the literal passing of the drug, it may refer to the passing of drug legislation.

Show-Me Cannabis is an association of individuals who are looking to bring cannabis off the criminal market and into a legal and regulatory market, similar to alcohol. They contend that cannabis prohibition is a “failed policy” that would better be served by government regulation and private businesses.

On Nov. 7, Show-Me Cannabis got permission from the State Secretary to begin distribution of two petitions to get their measures on the ballot for the 2012 election. A minimum of five percent of signatures from registered Missouri voters, in six of Missouri’s nine different districts, is needed to get the measures included on the ballot. These signatures will need to come by May 2012 to be considered for voting in November.

Approval of the measures would make marijuana legal for residents over the age of 21 in Missouri. It would also approve the medical use of marijuana for anyone under the age of 21. Additionally, anyone in prison for a nonviolent cannabis related crime would be freed, and the offense would be expunged from his or her records.

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