Guild Wars 2: Guardian Announced

News about Guild Wars 2 has slowed to a trickle, like the last solidified chunks of forgotten honey spilled and seeping from the back of a cupboard. But we haven’t forgotten about Guild Wars 2, which is why we’re relieved when we receive any news at all, especially when it’s a new profession announcement. Starring alongside the Elementalist, Warrior, Necromancer and Ranger is the Guardian, a support fighter with a blend of offensive and defensive abilities.

the best shield is a glowing one

Guardians have a few interesting skill sets at their disposal. Spirit Weapons include a range of skills that allow the Guardian to summon ethereal weapons to fight alongside. Symbols, another ability, allow the Guardian to draw a range of symbols (hence the name!) on the ground to benefit allies or harm opponents. Wards allow Guardians to create magical barriers that enemies can’t cross but allies can, which opens up a lot of tactical possibilities for ranged attackers.

Guardians also have Virtues at their disposal, which work like self-buffs that can be activated to aid party members. Justice, for example, makes every fifth attack burn your enemy, but you can sacrifice the passive self-buff to make the next attack of all of your allies cause burning instead. Resolve regenerates the Guardian’s health, or the Guardian can regenerate the health of their allies for a while at the cost of losing Resolve for two minutes. It’s a system that will make Guardians figure out what the greater good is.

Guild Wars 2 is due out “when it’s ready,” which is expected to be later this year.

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