Heat damages marijuana crops in Oklahoma

This summer’s excessive heat has killed off much of the marijuana grown in Oklahoma, and any surviving plants that have been seized can’t be destroyed in the usual way because of a burn ban, according to state drug agents.  Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs spokesman Mark Woodward told the Tulsa World that most plants agents have found are in poor condition.

“We are finding fields that have been abandoned and they just let the plants die off because it was just too hard, too manpower-intensive to keep those plants alive,” Woodward said. Some growers, though, are investing the time and effort to keep theirs alive, he said, pointing to a patch of 1,900 plants found near Foyil in Rogers County on Wednesday. Agents found the patch about a quarter of a mile off the road while conducting their annual aerial patrols of the state.

“There was a campsite out there,” Woodward said. “They had a very sophisticated irrigation system running from this creek and they were pumping water through there so they were able to tend this patch literally 24 hours a day.  “They had some vegetables growing right next to the marijuana. That is the only way you are going to be able to keep these plants alive,” he said.

Burn bans that cover 72 of the state’s 77 counties, however, are interfering with the normal procedure for destroying the plants.  “We are just going to store the plants that we are finding,” he said.

A burn ban issued by Gov. Mary Fallin covers the western two-thirds of Oklahoma, while all but five counties — two in northeastern Oklahoma and three in the southeastern corner of the state — are under bans issued by county commissioners. “Normally, we will use the county’s facility at the end of our mission and burn it there. But … we are going to hold off and burn these plants when we can safely dispose of it.”

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