Hemp Beach Executives Party 4, A successful star studded event featuring Kurupt, Matt Shotwell “Weed Country”, Dr. Dre’s Son Curtis Young & more!

Dj Chef Fred Cannabis Catering Hemp Beach Executives Party 4

This past July 23rd Hemp Beach TV threw its 4th annual Executives Party in Las Vegas Nevada. This event took month’s of planning and great help from all the sponsor’s. In the past we have done parties at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand Skyloft’s & Cesar’s Palace Hangover Suite. This time we go back to the Skyloft’s and get the biggest and best room we could get!

This time we did it like CHAMPS! This suite was over 6,000 sqft with outdoor terrace, Jacuzzi, pool table and more! We arrived around 3 pm to check in. We had our party catered by DJ Chef Fred who does all cannabis cooking. So we had him set up and taken care of to do his thing. And since it was me and Blazy’s birthday as of recent the skyloft’s sent us a birthday cake.


So after we had that all taken care of and we set things up the party started a few hour’s later. All the sponsors were invited to come early to set up and partake in pre-party festivities and set anything they needed to up. We also had 2 dab bars set up, one from Dab Essential over by the kitchen and terrace. And Hap was setup with Medicali and electric nail. They were taking care of anyone who wanted to get down and dab.And everything was all taken care of by us at Hemp Beach.

As the party started at 8 pm that is when DJ Chef Fred kicked on the Medicated Chocolate fondue fountain! We had that going with all the epic treats to dip in! It was one of the most epic things we have done at our party for munchies. We also had the fridge packed with beverages ranging from Beer, Soda to water and more. Drinks and food NEVER RAN OUT and no expense was spared.

matt shotwell weed country hemp beach executives party 4 2013After the party started rolling and bong’s and nails were being smoked the party started filling up quick. And once everything started it didn’t stop. We had Matt Shotwell from “Weed Country” stop by and hang out with us and blaze. He was very humble and nice. His knowledge and expertise was vast and epic. He really liked what we were doing and was very inspirational in what he was saying. It is rather unfortunate his situation but hopefully with the success of the show he can get back to doing more of what he loves.

kurupt dpg dogg pound hemp beach executives party 4 2013We also had Kurupt A rapper and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records. He is a member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, and is mostly known for his work with Death Row Records. He is also a member of the hip-hop super group The HRSMN. He also joined us at the Executives Party 4 with his friends. We blazed and he was just as cool as I expected to be. I am really proud I could put on such an event for him to enjoy and he did. As he was leaving me and him had A chance to chat and he told me that the party was epic and it was one of the best times he has ever had.

Ok one of my personal favorite moments from the party is when Jeff Hirschfeld the CEO and head chief of the CHAMPS trade show himself came to the party. He has heard about the last 3 parties being epic and told me himself that he just had to attend this one. It was our pleasure to have him and all the CHAMPS staff, workers and glass artist’s at our party including Jerome Baker of JBD.

curtis young dr dre son hemp beach executives party 4 2013And then a few friends of mine come to the door and they are like we have a new friend for you we would like you to meet. So i was like cool come on up and bring him in. Come to find out it was Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young. I was happy to have him and be able to get him blazed like he should. So we had him come in and partake in all of the weed, wax and cannabis infused food along with the rest of us. We welcomed him and many other people from the show and more.

All in all it was the most successful Executives Party was have thrown to date! We thank everyone for attending we quickly met and exceeded the capacity. Thanks for all the support and always try to show up early.  Thank you to all the artist’s, fan’s, friends and family for showing up. And a huge THANK YOU to all the sponsor’s who made this happen! And see you again for the next party for the first CHAMPS trade show in Denver Colorado this coming October!



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Hemp Beach Executives Party 4, A successful star studded event featuring Kurupt, Matt Shotwell "Weed Country", Dr. Dre's Son Curtis Young & more!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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