Hemp Beach Nation Friends and Family mourns death of Cash Hyde 4-year old Missoula cancer victim

Cash Hyde, the 4-year old whose difficult fight against cancer inspired many people in Missoula and across Montana, has lost his fight against the disease. Community reactions have been pouring via social media tonight with news of the passing of “Cashy.” Cash was born in June 2008. He was only 20 months old when he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor and was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

Thus began a long and difficult time for the boy and his parents, Michael and Kalli, as they went through numerous procedures and treatments over the following years, leading to the formation of the Cash Hyde Foundation and the building of an extensive group of supporters both in Montana and elsewhere. Cash’s battle also garnered attention due to his parents’ use of cannabis in fighting the cancer.

Cash would eventually reach the stage of remission. Last spring it appeared he had bested the cancer for a second time, but the disease re-appeared in August. The family would continue to try several alternative treatments, but on their Facebook page had reported Cash “wasn’t feeling well” just last week. The family appealed for prayers from their friends late Wednesday evening, before news spread of his passing shortly after 10 p.m.

Shout out to Myo Mr.Kiefbox for starting the Chest for Cash. Please feel free to hit him up to find out how you can still help.

In the Past…

The parents of a 3-year-old Cash Hyde of Missoula say that if they had listened to the doctors, their son would’ve died, but Cash is now cancer-free for a second time and his parents say marijuana is his best medicine. When Mike and his wife Kalli learned that Cash’s brain cancer returned in October, doctors told them he had a 30% chance of surviving five years. They said recurring brain tumors have a rare chance of shrinking, and at best, they could only stop it from metastasizing further. The Hyde’s switched Cash to an all-vegan diet, alkaline-adjusted water, and cannabis oil, and the tumor’s growth slowed by 55%, buying them time to wait for proton radiation.

The radiation shrunk the tumor and now it’s gone, and Cash is returning to a normal life But it wasn’t easy for the Hyde’s to get back to this normalcy; Mike noted, “I’ve had to break state and federal laws just to keep Cashy alive.” The Hyde’s don’t look at cannabis oil the same way as some of Montana’s lawmakers. “I know that I’m not a criminal,” Mike said. “I know that I saved my son’s life, and if I have to go sit in jail for that, that’s way better than a pediatric oncology floor.”

Cash takes hydrocortisone and cannabis oil twice a day in his gastronomy tube. It’s a formula the Hydes say works even though they’re going against doctors recommendations of different pharmaceutical drugs – drugs that the Hyde’s believe have much worse side effects. “Most cancer patients, especially second-time remission cancer patients, most of them are on liver and kidney transplant lists, waiting for new kidney or livers,” Mike Hyde said. “Cashy’s not; Cashy’s playing with Plah-Doh.”

The Hyde’s are now looking forward to more family time as Cash will become a big brother in a couple months. “You know we just live our life three months at a time,” Kalli said. “His scans are every three months and we just continue with our protocol that we had him on and just hope and pray that the cancer doesn’t come back again.” Mike said, “Why is Cashy alive? Because he’s blessed. Because he’s pioneering a better way to fight cancer, I would say.”

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