Hemp Beach TV Episode 124 Happy 4\20 2011!

Hemp Beach TV Episode 124 Furman University Football Players Face Marijuana Dealing Charges,  4/21 Rally To Protest Obama’s Broken Promises To Medical Marijuana Community, dispensary sues Dana Point, Jamaica Government Officials To Review Marijuana Decriminalization & More with Freshman McFresh & Max Toker. With your weekly dose of 420 entertainment, news, games, movies and reviews. Please leave your honest opinion, comments, questions or concerns so we may tweak the show for your future enjoyment! This show is for entertainment purposes only. In other words dont try this at home! 18+


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Hemp Beach TV Episode 124 Happy 4\20 2011!, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. Chronic_Countess says:

    Legalize it, and I will advertise it.(:

  2. lupton54 says:

    fucking love this show, im watching from n.w.t canada. keep this shit up. hopefully one day it will be legalized in all of north america and we can all blaze together.

  3. jewelsdoeen says:

    Great show!!!! I think you guys need to have more live shows. I really enjoyed it and I still wanna win a vortex lol. Smoke it up I know I am. :-)~~~

  4. Mr.Hempy says:

    awsome show missed it live in hospital with my daughter her apendix burst whats the chance of getting a digger….looking forward to the rotation

  5. tjhardison says:

    what up fools. Its the T to the J (aka TJ) in this motherfucker. I’ve talked to all THREE of you guys (McFresh, MaxToke & Skunk) personally in the past on facebook. Just wanted to ask how the FUCK do I become a subcriber to the hempbeach website. Im pretty sure you have explained it in the past but right now Im too stoned off my balls to figure it out. PLEASE HELP!!!! and happy belated 420 to ya.

  6. drdennisgeek says:

    Where can i get the Vaporizer that you guys use on Hemp Beach and The Rotation? What is the name of it.. Please…. 8 )


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