Hemp Beach TV Episode 127 Playstation Network Update, Cancer win & Black Bears

Hemp Beach TV Episode 127 PlayStation Network may introduce cross-game chat and in-game video chat, Cancer Institute Updates Confirm Successful Cancer Treatments With Medical Cannabis, Black bears found guarding 1,000 marijuana plants & More with Freshman McFresh & Max Toker. With your weekly dose of 420 entertainment, news, games, movies and reviews. Please leave your honest opinion, comments, questions or concerns so we may tweak the show for your future enjoyment! This show is for entertainment purposes only. In other words dont try this at home! 18+


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Hemp Beach TV Episode 127 Playstation Network Update, Cancer win & Black Bears, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. FuzzyNugz says:

    OH HOLY SHIT MAX WOOOOOOOW LOLS!!! I remember Massive tokes like that!!!!!!! FUCKING GOOD ONE BRO!

  2. FuzzyNugz says:

    Glimoma? you mean Gloacoma? tehe 13: minutes in

  3. jewelsdoeen says:

    Are you guys talking about having another live show with some give a ways soon? Max Toker have you played Dante inferno on 360? If so what is your opinion on it? I love your shows and look forward to them every week. Keep it blazing!!!! Much love.

  4. IvyKilla says:

    Nice episode but i was wondering why you cover that bear marijuana story again, you already cover that i sent you that story in 2010 and you posted it,and you forgot the best part of the story, after they arrested the guy and took the bears away someone called the police for some public disterbance and when the police came back to the station someone had break into the locker and stolle all the weed they took from the guy with the pretecting bear, anyway …

  5. lvacehigh says:

    dinning my digger one hitter at the micheal jordan golf tourneiment

  6. Howie Hemp 420 says:


  7. Badb420 says:

    Hay guy’s i live in utah and i went down to my local smoke shop to get one of those vape or smoke’s and they told me it doesn’t work in utah do to the altitude so they don’t stock them no more, sucks for me i was looking forward to trying it you guy’s seem to enjoy it. anyway keep up the good smoke hemp beach rock’s. Badb420

    • Skunk says:

      Thats wierd… I will find out what we can and answer your question on the next Hempisode.

    • Skunk says:

      High there! I talked to the people at Vape or Smoke myself to see what the issue was with the high altitude. You can use it in! Here’s the deal. You just have to empty it and refill it again. It’s just because of the lighter part. It’s a torch lighter. But yes it will. So feel free to pick one up and let them know we sent ya! Or you can get a New Hemp Beach pipe coming soon… Let me know if you have any more questions and I will answer them as I can.

  8. mmciastro says:

    Hi, Elwoodbrooks.com actually has the Vap or Smoke on sale for $99.

    During episode 127, Skunk made the comment about “Cannabible” and there was laughter. But it is not a funny as it appears. The word “Holy” translates to “Unique”, and “Bible” is from the Greek word Biblios, which simply means “Books”. So, Holy Bible means “unique books”. When the word Canna preceeds Bible, it translates as “Cannabis Books”. See….Not so funny, and a completely acceptable use of the words when combined.

    I’m sure that by now, you’re considering changing Max’s name from “Toker” to “Choker”…. Nearly every episode. Tell him to take smaller hits,….It’s not like he’s gonna run out of quality smoking product anyway.

    Keep the show going,,,


  9. jsunovabeech says:

    yo! hows you all!!!hope you’re good-
    peace pot party…from the Headz of the Valleyz Walez Uk…!!!

  10. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    HeMpiSoDE 127 wAs fUnnY sHit ToO!!! FrEsH iS fUnnY tHe wAy hE tAlkS wHen hEs rEadIng cOmmEnTs!! LOL LOvE it!!!sUpER PoT hEADs!!!

  11. Mr.Hempy says:

    funny as hell

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