Hemp Beach TV Episode 128 Smashtray’s & Kandyman’s New HBTV Grow Section & DVD

Hemp Beach TV Episode 128 Smash Trays & Kandyman’s New HBTV Grow Section & DVD & More with Freshman McFresh & Max Toker. With your weekly dose of 420 entertainment, news, games, movies and reviews. Please leave your honest opinion, comments, questions or concerns so we may tweak the show for your future enjoyment! This show is for entertainment purposes only. In other words dont try this at home! 18+


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Hemp Beach TV Episode 128 Smashtray's & Kandyman's New HBTV Grow Section & DVD, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

No Responses to “Hemp Beach TV Episode 128 Smashtray’s & Kandyman’s New HBTV Grow Section & DVD”

  1. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    yEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!! whoot whoot!!!!!!!

  2. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    That would be totally awesome 2 watch the show in 3D!!!!!DO IT!!

  3. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    I L0Ve K@NdYM@N!!!!! YEAAAHH!!!!

  4. mArLeyPuRpz says:


  5. jewelsdoeen says:

    Max Toker you will not be disappointed when you play it. My son and I played it for a week straight till we beat it. Great show I am going to get me a smash tray real soon as they look cool. Keep it blazing!! Much Love, Jewels!

  6. FuzzyNugz says:

    Great amazing episode yeah the FuzzyNugz HBTV Live Shows going to have a schedule so watch out for that ON That NOTE SMOKE GOOD!!!! GANJA GREEN!!!

  7. 561CANNABISKING says:

    hey hemp beach ima big fan love the show. u guys shuld roll up a fat joint in a future episode that would be dope also freshman looks like chuck norris haahaa

  8. bobmarleychiefs420 says:

    So i have a few questions for Kandyman… He said he doesn’t use carboload nutes, but does he use any sugars like molasses? What nutrient brand does he recommend? what are the best ways to control molds, and powdery mildews? Recommendations for best electronics… ph meter, tds meter, ecu meter, ballasts, bulbs? What hydroponics setup does he prefer? Odor control??

  9. tjhardison says:

    what up hempbeach! Listenin to some Kottonmouth Kings right now and showin some juggalo stoner love in this bitch! Just got one question and one suggestion about the show: #1: What happend to the Vortex water pipes sponsor from the last episode? And #2 I think you guys should do a music video of the week thing for each episode, can be any kind of music, rock, country, weed or juggalo related. Just think it would be a sweet idea. Also I think Freshman without his glasses TOTALLY looks like Chuck Norris! LOL. Pack your bowls, lets get stoned, as we head on down the road….

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