Hemp Beach TV Episode 159 Hippie Skunk Setting off fire alarms

Hemp Beach TV Hempisode 159 Man smoked pot at hospital, NORML of Florida announces medical marijuana benefit concert, Drug dog busts Snoop Dogg’s bus & more with Freshman McFresh & Max Toker. With your weekly dose of 420 entertainment, news, games, movies and reviews. Please leave your honest opinion, comments, questions or concerns so we may tweak the show for your future enjoyment! This show is for entertainment purposes only. In other words dont try this at home! 18+

Show Notes:

Topic 1 –  Man smoked pot at hospital

Topic 2 –  NORML of Florida announces medical marijuana benefit concert

Topic 3 –  Drug dog busts Snoop Dogg’s bus

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Hemp Beach TV Episode 159 Hippie Skunk Setting off fire alarms, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. kcreed says:

    hey i’m from texas and Snoop Dog got really lucky… Texas is a no loterance state. and they do NOT give citations.. if you are stopped with a usuable amount of mmj you are srrested and taken to cunty lock up until the the judge shows up and then you get bailed out. the crime is about 2,500 dollars are one yr probation..

    oh yeah i smoked once or twice in my room cause they don’t provide the correct medications for alot of condtions.. yes it’s always helped me to get checked out early. haha

  2. SedatedCretinStudios says:

    2 inches is too deep to plant seeds, plant it 1/2 down at the most and make the soil real wet. First germinate the seeds, put your seeds in a small glass of water over night and keep in a warm dark place (like on a water heater). in the morning push any seeds still floating under the water, some will sink, some will still float. the floating seeds are no good. put the seeds that sank in a damp paper towel in a zip-lock. set the bag on a warm sunny windowsill and put something black over it to help keep the seeds warm and out of the light. open the bag every day to get fresh air in there (we want to grow cannabis not mold) keep the towel damp but not wet. you will start to see the little white tap root. when the tap root is twice as long as the seed you can plant it with the root down……..
    i could keep sending growing tips for the show if you want, or you could buy The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green.

    and about the Cannabis Rain Forest, that sounds fucking awesome, but i don’t think the animals would get high from eating raw cannabis cause there is no Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol in raw bud… not till it’s heated.

    love the show, keep it up!

  3. kcreed says:

    fyi. i also lived right down the street from the hwy that willie nelson was charged with possession. and only had one half joint in his ashtray.

  4. kybeau says:

    wat up stoners been a NORML member since 1973 great to see FLORIDA steppin up.We lost a great freedom fighter in Kentucky GATEWOOD GAILBREATH has passed may we have a moment.Gatewood was a fighter for any thing hemp and canabis.Thanks to people like yall and Gatewood the truth will live THANKS TO ALL WHO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS TO KNOW.HOLLA

  5. GlazedJay says:

    Hey guys great show keep it strong, cant wait for moon weed.

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