High Time’s say’s Boycott the Discovery Channel!?

high times boycott discovery channel hbtv hemp beach tvHere is a little bit of what they had to say.  Chris Simunek said lately the Discovery Channel has been promoting a block of programming they call “Weed Wednesdays” featuring two shows, Pot Cops and Weed Country. Pot Cops is exactly what the title says, a show that follows police as they arrest marijuana growers. Weed Country pretends to show both sides of the equation by featuring interviews with pot growers in addition to cops, but the growers they feature come off as money-hungry opportunists and are not representative of our culture. The Discovery Channel is guilty of the worst kind of exploitation: They are making money off of persecution.

Of course, any time a television crew embeds with drug agents, those agents are going to feel pressured to make a bust, so the people at the Discovery Channel are actually exacerbating the situation and creating busts where busts might not have happened.

HIGH TIMES demands that both Weed Country and Pot Cops be taken off the air and that the Discovery Channel stops exploiting marijuana culture. Marijuana growers are not criminals, they are gardeners who are stuck in an unfortunate situation wherein they are subject to punishment due to laws that are misguided and immoral….

To see more please visit our friends over at High Time’s.

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High Time's say's Boycott the Discovery Channel!?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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