Idaho marijuana activists get their children back

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The children of three Idaho medical marijuana advocates are now back at home after authorities seized them near the end of April.

Lindsey and Josh Rinehart say their two young boys were returned by authorities on Friday of last week. Police had previously returned the two children of pot activist Sarah Caldwell.

The four children were taken from Rinehart’s home last month after police came to investigate possible crimes involving marijuana, including possession, trafficking, and injury to a child.

Officers say the incident in question happened after a child reported eating marijuana at school and complained that he was sick afterward.

Police say evidence pointed to the Rinehart home as a possible source of the pot.

Officers report getting consent to search Rinehart’s home from a babysitter. Here, they reportedly found marijuana within reach of the children, and deemed them in imminent danger. Police say the children were then taken into protective custody by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Caldwell’s children were returned a few days later. However, the Rinehart children were kept for 17 days.

Police say no charges have been filed in the case against their parents, but prosecutors are still reviewing the case.

The Rineharts and Caldwell say other medical marijuana advocates have reached out to them and have so far donated more than $5,000 to help pay for legal expenses.

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