Indoor Marijuana Grow Raided In Foothills, 1500 Plants Worth $1.2-Million Seized, Said Investigator

El Dorado County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives raided a Cameron Park home and uncovered a sophisticated indoor marijuana growing operation, a sheriff’s spokesman said. A total of 1,528 marijuana plants worth an estimated $1.2 million were seized, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. “Hooray,” neighbor Phyllis Bachilla said. “We have been waiting for this for two years.”
From The Field: Indoor Marijuana Grow Raided In Foothills The home, at 2907 Pasada Court, now has a red tag, condemning it as unsafe.

“They rerouted electricity and built their own ventilation system,” El Dorado Code Enforcement Officer Jim Wassner said. “Had they run all their equipment at once, it would have melted the wiring and started a fire. It could have been disastrous.” Said neighbor Dan Bachilla: “As soon as the people moved in, they boarded up the downstairs windows, so you couldn’t see inside.”
Plants in every growing stage were recovered, Sheriff John D’Agostini said.

“We believe the people who were operating this have ties to the South Sacramento area,” he added. “The message to anyone in the community is, don’t do this in El Dorado County. We will find you.”
Investigators also raided a home in the South Sacramento area, but no drugs were found, confirmed a spokesman.
No suspects are in custody at this time.

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