IRS Sends ‘Weed Wars’ Star a $2.5 Million Tax Bill

CBS News reports today, a month after declaring war on curative cannabis, that the IRS recently paid a visit to Steve DeAngelo’s Oakland-based shop, Harborside Health Center, to deliver a massive downer: a $2.5 million tax bill.

“They declared us a drug trafficking operation, and therefore denied all of the standard business deductions that every other business can take, for things like rent and payroll, and they gave us a $2.5 million back tax bill,” said DeAngelo, whose shop serves about 95,000 people and is one of the main characters on Discovery Channel’s pot-inspired reality show, “Weed Wars.”

This is of course just the latest federal effort against medical marijuana, a business President Obama claimed he would respect. Will he start being honest ahead of next year’s election, or will Mr. Obama continue cracking down on America’s ill?

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