Is Growing Marijuana Legal In Alaska?

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the days before the internet, there was always a rumor that growing marijuana in Alaska was legal.  I always dismissed it as a marijuana myth until I started studying marijuana law when I was older.  It always surprises me how few marijuana consumers know about the legendary case of Ravin v. State of Alaska (1975).  For those that just want the summary, I think Alaska NORML summarizes it best, “Possession of less than 25 plants is protected under the Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy.”  For those of you that want to read the legal reasoning, much of which could be applied to other states, here is the ruling opinion pasted below:

Irwin RAVIN, Petitioner, v. STATE of Alaska, Respondent

 Supreme Court of Alaska  537 P.2d 494   May 27, 1975

  Rabinowitz, C.J., and Connor, Erwin, Boochever and Fitzgerald, JJ.

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