Joan Rivers Demonstrates Why Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Needed in L.A *VIDEO*

We’re not surprised Joan Rivers has the balls to get stoned on television. After all, she readily portrays herself as the ultimate red-carpet Nazi, able to destroy superstar sartorial choices that mere mortal observers can only fawn over. But what we really want to know is: Will the city of Los Angeles follow through on its threat to shut down all the marijuana dispensaries in town, thus taking away valued medicine from senior citizens like her?

When voters first legalized medical marijuana in 1996, a campaign depicting sick grandmothers who couldn’t then legally obtain such a harmless drug helped sway the electorate. Well, here she is, 78 years old, suffering from, er, “stress,” and in serious need of some medicine. On a recent airing of her We-network reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best Rivers gets a doctor’s recommendation and fills it at a friendly, neighborhood pot shop, which sells her a strain called Louis XIII.

The Frenchman seemed to do the trick after Rivers and friend Lynne parked the Nissan Cube they were in on a dead-end street and toked from a pipe. (Did you see this City Attorney and pot lover Carmen Trutanich? Were any laws broken here?) “Keep your eye out for cops,” Rivers says. After soaking in the skunk, Rivers says, “I want to eat right now. Let’s go.”

But her friend can’t seem to operate the vehicle and they call daughter Melissa for a ride. (Wise choice.) On the way home Rivers needs to stop at a food truck for nourishment. (Remember, stress.) She says: Look at that sky. You know how many people are looking at the same sky? So there you have it. L.A.’s medical marijuana retail trade in action, saving the “seriously ill” (words used in the original state law) from hunger and boredom. Are you still sure you want to pull the trigger on this pot shop ban, L.A. City Council?

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