Joan Rivers gets baked with Martha Stewart *VIDEO*

Joan Rivers caught up with host, Martha Stewart over a Valentine’s Day craft.  While discussing the second season of her WE tv series, “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best,” Joan dished on her experience with medicinal marijuana, her new tattoo and how she and Martha attended the same college.  This episode will re-air Tuesday, February 7th at 1pm ET.

Joan sharing her experience with medicinal marijuana:


Martha Stewart: Joan actually gets down and dirty on the show. She walks on the wild side. You smoked marijuana on TV!

Joan Rivers: Medicinal, medicinal.

Martha: Do you have a prescription for marijuana?

Joan: Yes.

Martha: For what?

Joan: Nerves! [Laughs]… We had a very nervous episode and they said to me to, relax…

Martha: And where is the tattoo that you got?

Joan: … It’s on my breast so look at my ankle. [Laughs]

Martha: You really defiled your body with a tattoo?

Joan: Defiled my body? It’s defiled! [Looks down at her body]

Martha: I have not even been tempted to get a tattoo.

Joan: No, but you’re not out in California. They all walk past you on the red carpet… Angelina Jolie…

Martha: Well she is tattooed all over.

Joan: All over! She has those kids’ pictures wherever you look. She’s like a walking milk carton! [Laughs]

Martha: Some milk carton!

Joan and Martha discussing their first divorces

Martha Stewart: Was your mother around when you got divorced the first time?

Joan: Yes, and they [both her parents] were wonderful when I got divorced. My father walked in and he said ‘leave everything and just come.’ That’s a very good father

Martha:  Oh, so they were nice. My mother said,’You’re such a fool.’  She wasn’t on my side

Joan: Did you keep the ring?

Martha: What ring?

Joan: Then you weren’t a fool. If there’s a ring you stay and if you leave, you swallow the ring. You give him back everything else. No man will look through poo for a diamond.

Joan and Martha discussing their college

Martha: [While putting tacks in a wooden board for a craft] The wood is very soft, don’t you think?

Joan: Whatever. I’m not going to argue with you, it’s your show. If you say the wood is soft….the wood is soft.

Martha: If it isn’t, you can tell me.

Joan: I’m not going to tell you. We went to the same college. You’re smarter than I am. [Looking at the audience] We went to the same college. I was a little ahead of her.

Martha: You were.

Joan: And Betty White was ahead of both of us, Thank God.

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