John Morgan launches radio ad pushing for medical marijuana in Florida *VIDEO*

john morgan florida medical marijuanaWednesday you’ll start hearing a new ad on the radio for what could be the biggest push yet to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. The is paid for by high profile attorney John Morgan. The fight to legalize medical marijuana hits close to home for John Morgan and he’s using his own money and resources to push the controversial issue.

“Pill mills are prescribing dangerous narcotics like candy, people get addicted, and many die, medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones relief they need, helping with pain appetite, seizers and spasms, unfortunately, tallahassee politicians refused to vote on the issue last session, they wouldn’t even hear testimony from patients or their families, therefor we ill take this act of mercy to you, the people.”

Morgan went to Tallahassee last month with a group called “People United for Medical Marijuana.” The trip launched a petition drive to get 700,000 signatures to change the state constitution. Tired of being turned down by politicians they’re bringing the question to the people.

If they get enough support, Florida voters would decide next November on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana.

Nicole Gutierrez says, “I think it should be legal if it’s used medical wise, but any other reason I don’t think it should be legal.”

Lazar Tarzan says, “I think it’s going to be out of hand, out of control like it is in california and oregon and washington and I don’t think its a good thing. There’s other things other things people can do medically instead of marijuana.”

Jesenia Rodriguez says “I think we’re redy for it. I think we’ve seen other states do it and I don’t know if the citizens of Florida are ready for it but I think it’s going to happen eventually.”

A poll earlier this year found 70 percent of Florida voters support a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana. But, critics say it has the potential for abuse and dangerous consequences. So far 19 states have enacted medical marijuana laws. The group needs to get all of the signatures by February.

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