Kal Penn, a star turn on both coasts

What’s the slacker half of the stoner duo of the Harold & Kumar movies to do when faced with an elaborate FBI questionnaire for his White House security clearance? Turns out, the cannabis-smoking alter ego of Kalpen Modi (better known by his stage name, Kal Penn) never even came up when Modi underwent a background check before taking a job in the Obama administration.

But his comedy credentials were a different matter. “You have to list the jobs you’ve been fired from,” Modi said, “and the two jobs I was fired from were sitcom pilots, because the executive producer didn’t believe I was funny enough. So I was looking at these forms like, ‘How do I word this in a diplomatic way, because I want to be honest?’ And I wrote, ‘Fired for not being funny enough.’” (The agents, at least, found that funny.) Security questions behind him, Modi quickly learned that life in the West Wing was not at all like, well, life in The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin’s idealised version of the presidency. “I was there my first night until 11 p.m. and I was like, ‘Sweet, let’s order Chinese food,’ Modi said. “And everybody was like, ‘You can’t order delivery to the White House. I was like, ‘But they do it on West Wing!’”

via : IndianExpress.com

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