Kid Cudi Says He’s Done With Marijuana

April Fools? Absolutely not. Mr. Rager, Kid CuDi, has quit smoking weed.

Today (April 1st) Cudi announced via his Tumblr page that he’s ready to give up the ghost, rather, the smoke.

AOL Music’s the Boombox revealed Cudi’s declaration, and it read as follows:

“This is not a joke. I know most of you wanna see me all drugged out and f—-d up and I know misery loves company, but I’m sorry those days are over [sic],” Cudi expressed. “I had a good run, Amsterdam and all. I’m happy being sober. I’m happy being a new me.”
Fans of the Cudster aren’t buying his vow of sobriety, especially not on April 1st.

“Kid Cudi giving up weed?? #AprilFools right????? Hahaha that’s the best one yet! He ain’t foolin nooooobody!” tweets @Astronaeluvsu11. “Kid Cudi sayin he quits smoke weed… Has to be an April fools joke,” @DraytoN4Real adds.

Others think it will affect his creative output, as @ohMYdaish says, “kid cudi no weed = s**tty music”. “Kid Cudi quit smoking weed, aka creativity. I hope he’s just pulling an #aprilfools joke. But either way I’ll still be a fan :)” a loyal fan @Reeeevi continues.

Cudi has fallen victim to many legal issues regarding controlled substances, most of which weren’t weed-related. In June 2010, Cudi was charged with possession, after liquid cocaine was found on him in New York City. The charges continued that September where Cudi pleaded guilty to similar charges resulting in community service. While weed appears to be minor league compared to his past substance abuse, at least it’s a start.

“Giva f–k who thinks of me different, you didn’t care about me in the first place if you can’t be proud and happy for me for growing and starting a new chapter,” Cudi continued in his Tumblr manifesto. “I’m not your puppet or your tap dancing drug addict here to be your miserable muse, I always made music for me to help myself find understanding. I have finally learned from the words in my songs. I love who loves me and who really cares about me.”

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    Gotta be fake!

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