Las Vegas Lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana for recreational use

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A state lawmaker wants to make it legal to possess marijuana for recreational use, but experts say his proposals presents problems.

If Assemblyman Joe Hogan introduces his bill in Carson City as planned on Friday, Nevada would become the sixth state to consider decriminalizing pot.

But Nevada is already struggling with the law that allows medical marijuana, and some question whether it’s wise to make something legal at the state level that could still land you in federal prison.

Some, like Petrija Simic feel marijuana should only be used as medicine. She says, “Not for really enjoying because then it becomes, they become addicted.”

Others, like Kristy Haslett say, a few puffs can’t hurt. She says, “I think if it’s recreational and people aren’t getting into trouble with selling and you know, they just want to sit home and relax? I really don’t see any harm in it”

Criminal defense attorney Vicki Greco says, “From seeing the type of crimes that come across my desk, marijuana generally isn’t the basis of any of these crimes. I feel that I’ve seen alcohol destroy more families and homes than I have marijuana.”

Greco says full implantation of a recreational use law is an uphill battle.

“Even it’s decriminalized at the legislature you’re probably looking at four or five years for the other laws to catch up.”

Greco says those laws would have to address how recreational marijuana would be supplied, potency levels and where and how it could be smoked and sold.

According to Greco, “If they decriminalize it and say we can buy it at 7-11 like a pack of cigarettes or a beer, what’s the age?”

Plus, pot possession would still violate federal law.

Another bill in the works would create a system to dispense medical marijuana. It’s legal to use it, but there’s no legal way to get it.

Keep it tuned to Action News for updates on this developing story.

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