Legal drug shop to open in Prague

Another Polish “Amsterdam shop” offering legal synthetic drugs as collector’s items, which is not unlawful in the Czech Republic, will be opened in Prague, after Ostrava and Olomouc, both north Moravia, the daily Pravo reports Friday.

The Polish operator running the retail chain circumvents law by selling drugs, such as various forms of marijuana as well as pills containing a substance with similar effects as the pervitine (methamphetamine) hard drug, as items for display and not for consumption. Both Czech and Polish legislation enables it so far, Pravo says.

The new shop is to be situated close to the city centre, Pravo writes.

“These are collector’s items that are not fit for direct human consumption,” Amsterdam shop operator Przemyslaw Wieromiejczyk explains on the shops’ web page.

In the shop, customers receive a card with the information that the goods are just for collector’s purposes and if they consume them accidentally, they must seek medical aid, Pravo writes.

After the first Amsterdam shops were opened in north Moravia, close to the Polish border, the Czech Retail Inspection (COI) started monitoring this controversial business that is on the verge of law, Pravo adds.

In reaction to the offer of synthetic drugs in the Czech Republic, deputies have formed a working group that is preparing an amendment to prevent the sale of Polish drugs in the Czech Republic. It should be submitted to parliament in March and the approval process is to last another two months at least, Pravo writes.

Until then Czech authorities can do nothing to prevent the drug sale, national anti-drug coordinator Jindrich Voboril told the paper.

The amendment must first take effect to ban a new narcotic that appears in the market, he added.

“Drug producers are promptly changing the content and another (drug) novelty may emerge any minute,” Voboril told the paper.

Pravo also writes that it is not sure when the new Polish “drug shop” will be opened in Prague 3.

“We naturally do not like it and we are solving how to prevent this type of business in our district. Unfortunately, we have no powers to do so, however,” Prague 3 spokesman Jan Sotona told Pravo.

The shop operator did not tell Pravo when exactly the shop would open. His firm’s employee working in the service of the Amsterdam Internet shop said the owner alone had no idea when he would open the Prague shop.

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