Letter: Medical marijuana a positive step on balance

It was so enlightening to read the article “N.J. cleared to open medical marijuana site” on Oct. 16. To me, this has been a long time coming, and it’s a big step for the human beings out there who have been suffering from horrible diseases such as multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer and AIDS. I’ve known such people personally who were suffering from multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer. It’s so heart-wrenching to be standing there, trying to talk to and comfort them — it just tears one’s heart out knowing that there’s nothing you can do to ease their pain. Now some of these sufferers have something to look forward to, and that’s called “hope.”

There will always be pros and cons about medical marijuana, and this is very sad. Legal medical marijuana will be no different than having a prescription from a doctor for other drugs. Of course, some crime might follow this move. But approving the Greenleaf dispensary to open isn’t generally opening a door to more criminal acts. We must look at the positives about anything medicinal out there. There will always be crime, no matter where we go, what we do and in anything we try.

Criminals are out there just waiting in the wings for any crack or crevice to go through — to destroy or scare people who fight for the rights and good of others suffering who can’t fight for themselves. Good people shouldn’t have to be made to suffer for this very dark world of illegal drugs and the abuses that follow it. Crime will always be there no matter what, and that’s why we have “crime fighters.” This new dispensary opening will just have to be monitored very carefully.

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