Lifted San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary Further Elevates Patient Clients with Rewards Program

San Francisco medicinal marijuana dispensary Lifted Health and Wellness is making it even easier to obtain their products and relief. The medicinal marijuana company that delivers its products to their patients on electric scooters within the hour has introduced a reward program that allows their patient clients to earn and spend points on merchandise, marijuana, edibles, and hash.

In an economy where every dollar counts, the Lifted Loyalty Rewards program is an attractive way to save money. Patient clients earn points for every dollar spent, and with these points, patients can buy everything from medicinal marijuana to T-shirts.

Patient clients earn points for every dollar spent, every re-tweet, every “like” on Facebook, every friend referral, and more. When a patient client returns a container, they receive 5 points. Liking Lifted on Facebook or following them on Twitter earns a patient client ten points. For participating in an online survey, a patient client gets 50 points. Reviewing a product or service gives patient clients 125 points. Finally, if a patient client either refers a friend or blogs about Lifted, they receive 250 points.

There are other ways to earn points as well, such as posting pictures or retweeting about Lifted. The points that patient clients accumulate allow them to buy a variety of medicinal marijuana products and Lifted merchandise. For example, a debowler is 100 points, an edible is 225 points, and a hoodie is 400 points. Get a free gram of hash for 600 points or an eighth ounce of marijuana for 1000 points.

Lifted Health and Wellness is a San Francisco mobile medicinal marijuana dispensary that prides itself on consistent compassion, quality, and efficiency in all of its services. They deliver affordable goods to client patients via environmentally friendly electric scooters.

“Lifted’s menu has been expanding rapidly over the past few months and they now carry a wide selection of cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and apparel. Eighth ounces are currently being priced from 25 to 50 dollars. This allows them to accommodate all patients from those who prefer not so potent to very potent,” says Lifted client Aaron F. “They also have daily deals which are absolute steals. I really can’t complain about their prices because they’re just too reasonable!”

Lifted Health and Wellness’s Rewards Program is giving patient clients the pot-ential to put their wallets away and enjoy free relief.

For more information about the Lifted Loyalty Rewards Program, Lifted’s mobile medical pot dispensary in San Francisco, or any of Lifted Health and Wellness’s products and services, call (888)250-8983 or visit their website at
About Lifted Health and Wellness
Lifted Health and Wellness is a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary committed to serving member-patients’ needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. They provide the finest quality medical marijuana by cultivating the marijuana themselves and delivering it to their patient members within the hour.

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