Lil Twist Throws Crazy Cannabis Party At Justin Bieber’s Mansion

lil twist justin bieber cannabis party hbtv hemp beach tvWhile Justin’s away, his friends will play! Rapper Lil Twist reportedly threw a major rager at the singer’s Calabasas mansion on March 19 while Justin was away on tour! Is Lil Twist taking advantage of Justin?

From allegedly getting caught smoking pot with Justin Bieber to wrecking Justin’s car, Lil Twist hasn’t exactly been the best influence on the pop singer. It looks like Lil Twist is still soaking up the perks of having a superstar friend, because he threw a crazy pot-filled party at Justin’s mansion!

While Justin was on tour in Europe, Lil Twist and another friend have reportedly been staying at his house, and they decided to invite a few girls over — about 40 of them! Lil Twist’s party at the Calabasas mansion allegedly consisted of a lot of beer, marijuana, and hookah, according to TMZ. The rapper even posted a picture of himself, inside Justin’s house, at the party on Instagram on March 19.

Although Justin was not at the party, we’re curious if the pop star had any idea the rager was going on! Do you think Lil Twist is taking advantage of Justin?

Lil Twist Addresses His Controversial Relationship With Justin Bieber
Since Justin became friends with Lil Twist, their friendship appears to have been nothing but trouble. Recently, Lil Twist spoke out about the criticism he’s gotten over his friendship with Justin.

In an interview with, the rapper revealed the drama was happening right around the time he teamed up with Trevante for the song “Bad Girl.” “It was actually going on during all the controversy –all the controversial crap that was going on not too long ago,” Lil Twist admits.

But according to Lil Twist, he turned his real life troubles into inspiration. “Once I heard ‘Bad Girl,’ I just wanted to be bad,” the rapper explains. “Being bad inspired me to write this.”

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