Local Spokane school teaching how to grow marijuana

As the federal government cracks down on medical marijuana dispensaries, a Spokane school is opening its doors to teach people how to grow marijuana themselves. “If you can’t get it anywhere you have to grow it your self,” said Darren McCrea, with University of Spokamsterdam. McCrea, president of Spocannabis, opened University of Spokamsterdam to teach people how to properly grow medical marijuana.

“One of the reasons why you come to our school is you don’t waste all this money and nutrients. Where if you come to us we can show you how to better use the nutrients to get the desired effect out of your plant,” McCrea said. “They will be able to learn how to harvest, how to store it, how to best use it as a medicine,” he said. On Saturday, nearly two dozen people, including Joan Purdy, signed up for the school.

Purdy has been using and growing medical marijuana for six years. “I’ve had two major back surgeries and I just went through some reconstructive surgery on my face,” said Purdy. “It gives me enough kick to where I have an appetite, to at least where I can smile for awhile through the day,” she said

David Miller, a local defense attorney, started Saturday’s class with a lesson in law. In Washington it’s legal to smoke and grow medical marijuana, but federally it’s still against the law. “It is always illegal no matter what in the federal law,” said Miller. “You can’t posses it, you can not smoke it, you can not grow it, can not consume it,” said Miller.

The feds made its zero tolerance policy very clear last year when it raided and closed 20 Spokane medical marijuana dispensaries. Soon after, 40 more dispensaries shut down. Miller also urged students to be apart of the medical marijuana movement. “The last thing we need out there is another person is a tie dye shirt holding a sign. We don’t need that, we don’t need that. We need people out there that are professionals that are employed,” said Miller.

“Be active, be supportive, be pro active go out there and write your congressman,” he said. Late last year, U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby told KXLY they are only interested in busting growers with more than 100 plants or operate near a school.

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