Luxury guinea pig pen mistaken for cannabis farm

The squad rushed in after a force helicopter picked up a ‘hotspot’ on Pam Hardcastle’s property, thinking it betrayed a lighting system used to grow the drug.

But all they found was a heater for Simon and Kenny, the pets of Ms Hardcastle’s ten-year-old son, Jack.

‘When I opened it up and they saw the guinea pigs, they didn’t say anything,’ said the 42-year-old primary school worker.

‘They were in the garage two seconds and they left.’

The six officers arrived with a battering ram and cut off the lock of a neighbour’s gate to get to the home in Bradford. They even went to Jack’s school looking for his mother, who was at work.

‘It was so embarrassing having police officers turn up at your son’s school asking for you. People think there is no smoke without fire,’ added Ms Hardcastle.

‘I would like to apologise for the distress [the raid] may have caused,’ said Insp Darren Brown.

‘However, I would point out that these tactics are essential in tackling drugs.’

via : Metro
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