Maastricht votes against becoming ‘guinea pig’ for cannabis pass

The cannabis pass the government wants for coffee shops should be introduced nationally or not at all, Maastricht city council said on Monday evening following a majority vote. The government wants a registration system for cannabis users to make sure tourists are kept out of coffee shops where small quantities of the drug are sold.

The plan is to introduce the pass system in Maastricht, Tilburg and Eindhoven on January 1 2012, with the rest of the country following later. The three cities, along with Den Bosch and the four main cities, have voted against the plan, saying it will lead to an increase in street dealing. Now Maastricht says that if the system is to be introduced, it should be for the whole country and that it does not want to be used as a guinea pig.

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Maastricht votes against becoming 'guinea pig' for cannabis pass, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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