Magicka: Vietnam Out Now

The first DLC pack for the indie hit Magicka is available today from the digital retailer of your choice. Magicka: Vietnam contains many new levels, weapons, and enemies as well as the new Napalm Strike spell, all for $5. Check out the trailer below for details and hilarity.

Magicka is a gonzo, chaotic four-player co-op action game that gives players a set of overpowered tools and more than enough rope to hang themselves and/or their co-op buddies with. The concept is brilliant and well-executed, though the original release had severe level design issues in the second half of the game (as detailed in the full GI review). Hopefully this Vietnam expansion keeps the fun and ditches the frustration.

via: GameInformer

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Magicka: Vietnam Out Now, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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