Man brings weed with him to hospital

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, but those without a medical marijuana certification cannot legally possess the plant, even if it is for medicinal use. About an ounce of cannabis was confiscated from a patient at the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center on Tuesday after nurses spotted it in a patient’s bed. A Safford officer was dispatched to the hospital at about 6:21 p.m. and questioned the patient about the contraband. The patient admitted to having a bag of weed in his bed and said he brought it into the hospital with him because he didn’t want to leave it in his truck.

The patient said he has been smoking cannabis for about 12 years and usually purchases about $100 worth of the plant each time. He said he would like to get a medical marijuana card but hasn’t yet applied for one. Under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, patients may possess up to 2.5 ounces of pot. Those who would like to receive information about applying for a patient or caregiver card should visit the Arizona Department of Health Services Web site at Because the patient did not have a medical marijuana card, the officer confiscated the weed and sent his report to the Safford City Prosecutor for review for possible charges.

via : eacourier

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