Man Who Stole Game Boy From Teen’s Coffin Heading To Jail

Well, this is just about as low as it gets. Jody Lynn Bennett of Mentacle, Pennsylvania was arrested back in December for stealing a Game Boy, Game Boy Light, and three game cartridges from the coffin of an area teen. The deceased victim was 17-year-old Bradley McComb, a dedicated gamer who had recently died in car crash.

Bennett lifted the handhelds and games out of the teen’s casket at a viewing at a funeral home north of the Pittsburgh area. Today, that man is going to jail, but for a different crime. GamePolitics reports that Bennett, who has a drug problem, plead guilty to vandalism and theft for the Game Boy theft and was given two years probation. However, he’ll also be doing 30 days to six months in jail for separate drunk driving and drug possession charges. Sounds like a class act all the way around.

via: GameInformer

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