Marijuana bust made through postal service inspection

Leicester’s police are getting a pat on the back for helping to make a big marijuana bust. Police say they got a call after postal inspectors noticed a package, one filled with school supplies. But it turns out, it was filled with much more. Acting on a tip from the us postal service, Leicester police intercepted a package last week.

Inside officers 20 pounds of packaged of marijuana, which police believe was ready to be sold. “This was clearly a large-scale distribution operation,” said Chief James Hurley. “To get this much in our community is obviously a significant find.” Chief Hurley says the marijuana they seized has a street value of more than $40,000. The package was sent from out of state and police are now working to figure out who sent it and who it was intended for.

As it turns out, the address on the package is a valid Leicester address, but the name on the label was a fake. ”We interviewed two people at the residence,” said Chief Hurley, “and to say they left town quickly is an understatement.” Hurley says no criminal charges have been filed at this time but could be forthcoming.

The two individuals are considered persons of interest, and, if found to be involved, could be charged with intent to distribute. Hurley believes this might not be the first time a package was shipped to the Leicester address. “In my professional opinion,” Chief Hurley said, “that house may have been rented to get these packages and now that we are on to them…they are gone.”

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