Marijuana dispensary opens in Frenchville

The first medicinal marijuana facility on the east coast is open in Frenchville and some residents are concerned, because the facility isn’t quite what they expected, at least from outside appearances.

Safe Alternatives facility on Route 1 looks like a typical house.  There is no signage, and a handwritten note on the porch door that asks people to leave packages on the enclosed porch.  The note adds that the porch door is hard to open but not locked.  State law requires that growing facilities provide security and that all cultivation of marijuana must take place in an enclosed, locked facility.

There are video cameras and floodlights that town officials say operate 24/7.  The facility is less than a mile from an elementary school but state law only requires it to be no closer than 500 feet.  Still some area residents say they’re concerned.

“When I stopped by to take the picture, there was nobody there, just a note on the door that said ‘leave packages on the porch,’ whatever that means,” Cameron Price, Frenchville resident, said. “I don’t know, it just seems like a fly by the seat of your pants operation to me.”

The town of Frenchville is working on a proposed ordinance that would be stricter than the state’s laws for marijuana cultivation facilities.  We attempted to talk with Leo Trudel, the principal officer of Safe Alternatives, but he declined to comment on the details of the facility.

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