Marijuana Find Forces High School Basketball Game Forfeit

Topeka West High School hbtv hemp beach tvHarmon High School boys and girls basketball teams headed to Topeka to play Topeka West High School Wednesday.
The boys team made it and played the game. The girls team never showed after a student found a bag of marijuana on the bus during the drive west.

KCK police confirmed that a bag of marijuana was found on the bus Wednesday night and the coach turned it in to the authorities.

District officials declined to discuss the alleged misdeeds by the students. Instead, they said the team forfeited the game because of an internal disciplinary issue.

Topeka school district officials said that their athletic director received a call from Harmon staff members about 30 minutes before the game, saying Harmon’s girls team would be forfeiting the game.

No one was cited because the owner of the bag was unknown

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